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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Activities

Updated: 6 days ago

One of my favourite books, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt‘, has been a huge hit with my own children. They love the rhythm and repetition of the story and still scream each time we get to the bear. Michael Rosen is an absolute genius of a writer and this book is no exception, with beautiful illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.

Ready with their binoculars, for an hour or two in the forest!

1. Use scraps of paper to make a map for the story and binoculars using kitchen roll tubes. Raid the recycling bin and pull out any foil or packaging that can be cleaned and used! The inside of cereal boxes are great for being cut up to use as the basis for pictures and collages.

2. Head out for a nature walk, whatever the weather. Find long tall grass, twigs, mud and flowers (watch out for the bears though!!). Recite parts of the story and get the kids acting it out as you go round. Don’t forget to take your binoculars!

3. Take a blanket out into the garden (or indoors if you’ve got the space!) and throw it over a table. Put a teddy bear inside the ‘den’ then and see where their imaginations take them. As you can see, mine were desperate for lunch in the den and were busy playing in there for long enough for me to have a cup of tea in peace! You could even get them involved in setting up an obstacle course for the rest of the story, such as cushion mountains, or a throw as the river, for example.

4. When reading through the text with your children, encourage them to make the sound effects as they come up. What can you find around the house that makes these sounds? How about blowing over the top of the bottle for the swirling, whirling snowstorm? Or squish some jelly in a bowl for the thick, oozy mud? Maybe a broom on the floor for the swishy swishy grass?

5. Bake ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ cookies. Click here for a simple biscuit recipe with ingredients you are likely to have in the cupboard. You might just need to buy some chocolate buttons!


Listen to Michael Rosen reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ – such a brilliant storyteller!

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